Thursday, 28 July 2016

Examples of how basic research affects real products

From Gianni de Fraja, paper in the current Rand Journal of Economics
Optimal public funding for research: a theoretical analysis (pages 498–528)

Nelson's early work (1959) already reports many examples of basic research projects that illustrate these characteristics. Among the cases studied more recently, Moody (1995) describes in detail the numerous strands of basic research which allowed the creation of the ubiquitous CD. A Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system would be far too inaccurate to be of any practical use without corrections of gravitational effects central to the theory of relativity (Haustein, 2009). The abstract mathematical problem of covering a surface with tiles lies at the foundation of our understanding and exploitation of superconductors (Edelson, 1992). Gauss's investigation into the distribution of prime numbers has led, with the contributions of some of the best mathematical minds over the course of two centuries, to the possibility of unbreakable cryptographic codes, without which e-commerce would not be possible (du Satoy, 2003).10